Product Documents

2 inch Dish Head Cushion
Add-On Patient Side Guards
Add-On Side Rails – TMM4
Add-On Side Rails – TMM5
Adjustable Back Treatment Table
Air Delivery Drape Support
Anterior Wrist Rest
Arm Cushion – 11″
Arm Cushion – 13.5″
Armboard-Seated Position
Armboard-Stretcher Position
Augustine Premium Recliner
Back and Leg Actuator
Back Extension – TMM3
Basic Blood-Drawing Chair
(2570 / 2571)
Battery Charger – Wall Mount
Battery Charging Stand
Battery Pack – “A” Plug-In KOM
Belt Set
Brake Cap – Green
Brake Cap – Red
Care Cliner Series
(653 / 654)
Carter Hand Table
Chart Rack
Chest X-Ray Casette Holder – Wide Width
Chest X-Ray Casette Holder
Child Seat Belt Set
Clark Socket Attachment-Pair
(TMA15-15 )
Control Box – A
Control Box – B
Control Box – T
Control Box – X
Convalescent Recliner – XL
Convalescent Recliner
(525 / 526)
Deep Dish Head Pad
Deluxe Gas-Lift Task Chair
Deluxe Gas-Lift Task Stool
Designer Blood Drawing Chair
Designer Care Cliner Series
(540 / 558 / 567 / 670 / 671)
Drop Arm Care Cliner Series
(655 / 657)
Drop Arm Convalescent Recliner
(527 / 528)
Dual Foot Pedal Control-VCU
Dual Sided Wrist Rest
Elite Care Cliner Series
(690 / 691 / 694 / 695)
Extended Height Telescoping IV Rod
Flat Top Treatment Table
Fluid Barrier Sheet
Folding Side Table with Cushion
Folding Side Table
Foot End Push Handles
Foot Extension
(TMA51-15 )
Footrest Extension Pad
Gas-Lift Task Chair
Gas-Lift Task Stool
Head Belt Assembly
Head Extension with Push Bar – Wide
(TMA84W-15 )
Head Extension with Push Bar
(TMA84-15 )
Head Pillow
Head Strap and Cover Assembly
Heat and Massage
Heat Only
Heel Stirrups
Inverness Premium Recliner
IV Pole and Attachment
IV Rod Holder
Knee Crutches
(TMA135-15 )
Lap Belt Assembly – Vinyl
Lap Belt Assembly-Extra Wide Torso
Lap Belt Assembly-Nylon
Lap Belt Assembly-Wide Torso
Large Child Seat With Belts
Leg Belt
Leg Positioning System
Life Care Recliners
Locking Armboard-Stretcher Position
Medium Child Seat With Belts
Monitor Support Tray
(TMA35-15 )
Monitor Tray with IV Rod
Oxygen Tank Holder – X Series
Oxygen Tank Holder
Oxygen Tank Holder
Pad Sets
Padded Blood Drawing Chair
(2572 / 2573 / 2574 / 2575)
Paint Pen – Gray
Paper Roll Holder Assembly
Pendant – 10 Buttons
Pendant – 8 Button – KOM
Pendant – 8 Button – VCU
Phenolic Arm and Hand Table
Pivot Table
Premium (Single-Hand Release) Side Table
Privess™ Basic Privacy Screen
Privess™ Elite Privacy Screen
Privess™ Modular Privacy Screen
(373 / 374)
Privess™ Swing-Away
Privess™ UniPanel Privacy Screen
Push Handle Plunger Knob
Rear Mounting Surgical Bar Assembly
Recovery Couch
S400 Manual Stretcher-Chair
Seat Surgical Bar Assembly – Leg Positioner
Seat Surgical Bar Assembly – Long
Seat Surgical Bar Assembly
Side Rail Hinge & Latch
Side Rail Hinge Assembly
Side Rail Pad Set – Seat Rails
Side Rail Pad Set – Upper Rails
Side Rail Retaining Clip
Side Rail Rubber Bumper Assembly
Single Foot Pedal Control-VCU
Small Child Seat With Belts
Spring Stop Kit
Stainless Steel Patient Tray
Standard (Lift to Raise and Lower) Side Table
Sticker – No Step
(S550 / S750 / S999)
Surgical Bar Extension Set for Leg Section
Surgical Extension Bars for Hand Table
Tall Anterior Wrist Rest
Tall Gas-Lift Task Chair
Tapered Seat Cushion
(TMM3 Upgrade)
Telescoping IV Rod
TMM3 Video Fluoroscopy Swallow Study Stretcher-Chair Series
TMM4 Multi-Purpose Stretcher-Chair Series
TMM5 Surgical Stretcher-Chair Series
Treatment Table with Face Cut-Out
Triple Foot Pedal Control-VCU
Upper Support Bracket – TMM3 Back Extension
Utility Tray
Verō Premium Series
(5X / 5Y / 6X / 6Y)
Wrist Rest Knob – TMM5

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